Friday, August 22, 2014

Returns! More Returns!

The results are finally in! Yes, for the cousin character costume party that we had back in May. Do you even remember it? No? Here, read this.

OK, good. Here are the results for the best costume:

 Anna- 0 Votes

"Big" Elsa-0 Votes

Tooth Fairy- 0 Votes

Galadriel - 0 Votes

"Little" Elsa- 1 Vote

 Olaf- 1 Vote

 Cosmo Brown- 1 Vote

 Stabbington Brother #1- 1 Vote

 Stabbington Brother #2- 1 Vote

 Cinderella- 1 Vote

Captain Jack Sparrow- 2 Votes

Rapunzel- 3 Votes

Mary Poppins- 4 Votes

Well, there you have it! Thanks for all your votes! :)