Thursday, November 15, 2012

Autumn Pictures

Here are some lovely pictures that were taken by my cousin, Toria! I edited them just a little for her and she is allowing me to do a post with them! Thanks, Toria!


All About Elevensies

 I've been tagged by Kiri Liz of Lianne Taimenlore! And it's all about elevensies! :)
- If you are tagged/nominated, you must post eleven facts about yourself.

- Then, you must answer the eleven questions the tagger has given you and make eleven questions for the people you are going to tag.
- Next, tag eleven more bloggers.
- Tell the people you tagged that you have tagged them.
- No tagging back

11 Random Facts... 
1. I am up to my eyeballs with school!
2. Is it possible to be up to your eyeballs in something?
3. One of my classy blood cousins is far away right now and will be gone until December. Sad...
4. Pass the tissues!
5. I have been listening to Christmas music since September!!!

6. Christmas is my favorite holiday!!!!
7. I know it is quite difficult to tell, but.... I AM REALLY EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. And Thanksgiving!
9. Something I am really looking forward to is snow.
10. I love snow!

11. Yay! I thought of 11 random things!

Now for Kiri's questions:
1. What is your third favorite color? Brown.

2. If you could rewrite any scene from any book, which one would it be and why? I would make it so  Beth does not die in Little Women. Why? For obvious reasons...

3. Would you rather live in a old palace, a cottage in the woods, a pirate ship, or a underground burrow? Either an old palace or a cottage in the woods.

4. How do you pronounce the word "often?" Off-ten? Or Off-fen? Der, off-fen! That is the correct way to say it!

5. What is your favorite holiday film? I don't have a favorite...

6. If you had a book (any book including a cookbook or a research book) published, what would be featured on the cover? Cookies!

7. Where would your dream home be located? On a farm or ranch somewhere...

8. If there was no such thing as tea or coffee in this world, what hot drink(s) would you consume? Hot cocoa.... but I already consume that. :)

9. What one song describes your life/day/mood? Hmmm... good question. Probably Amazing Grace or Here Am I, Lord.

10. Peanut butter cookies, snickerdoodles, or gingerbread men? Yes.

11. What is something you absolutely love right now? United States History!!!

 Now for my questions. Are you ready? Uh, that's not the first question... ;)
1. What is your favorite holiday?
2. Do you prefer hot or cold weather?
3. Which country would you like to visit?
4. Vanilla or chocolate?
5. Describe the perfect ice cream sundae.
6. Would you rather attend a ball, eat something very unusual, solve a mystery that puzzles even Sherlock Holmes, or break the world record of the most books read in one year?
7. Breakfast or just coffee?
8. What is your favorite era in history?
9. Do you have any kind of accent when you speak?
10. Is it soda or pop?
11. Name 11 of your hobbies.

And now I tag...
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Awards: Part 2

 This next award was given to me by Kiri Liz of Lianne Taimenlore. Thank you! I love your blog, too!

1. Award 5 people
2. Tell who awarded you
3. Tell the people you awarded them
4. Always put the picture above the post

5. Always show the rules

And this award is awarded to these award-receiving people:
5. Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm

I love all of your blogs!!!! :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Awards: Part 1

I'm backed up on handing out the awards I've been awarded! So I am going to do them one at a time... over the course of however many days/weeks it takes me to post them all! :)

I was awarded by Kathryn of Hidden Orchards! Thank you ever so much!

1. Must state the rules.
2. Thank the awarded and link back to them.
3. Must pass this award on to five other bloggers
4. List their names with links to their award winning blogs.
5. Must notify the awarded bloggers by commenting on their blogs.
6. Share 7 unusual things about yourself.  Something that not many people could say about themselves.

7 unusual things...
1. I am learning French!
2. I'm a history nerd
3. I try to listen to more than one conversation at a time
4. I love cold weather
5. I love snow (am I being repetitive?)
6. Writing is not one of my favorite things to do (please close your mouth before you catch a fly)
7. I'm out of things to say about myself

This award is passed on to:

Ta-da and congratulations, bloggers!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Have A Nice Trip Next Fall!

Please excuse the lame joke in my post title. I just couldn't resist.

Moving on.

Autumn has arrived! I am so excited! COLD WEATHER (I prefer cold weather and snow over a hot sunny day)!!! If I put lots of exclamation points you may guess how excited I am for fall (and cold weather! sorry, did I already mention that?)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pumpkin Bread
Anywho (spell check does not like me using this word... too bad!), here are a few pictures I have taken. I am playing around with different coloring and editing techniques. Please tell me what you think!

A touch of autumn

Friday, September 21, 2012

This Week...

...I did school one and only brother turned 15 grandparents came for a visit

AND classy blood cousins are going to sleepover tonight!
My cousins :)
It has been an epic week!

Friday, September 7, 2012

CBC Character Costume Party: Poll Results!

Here it is, folks! You voted for your favorite costume(s) from the CBC Character Costume Party and here are the results (from least amount of votes to greatest)!

Ernest T. Bass- 0 votes
Jacob Marley- 0 votes
Maxwell Smart- 0 votes
Samwise Gamgee- 1 vote
Ted Nickerson- 1 vote
Gretl von Trapp- 2 votes
Jane Bennet- 2 votes
Nancy Drew- 2 votes
Pippi Longstocking- 2 votes
Arwen- 3 votes
Barney Fife- 3 votes
Hiccup- 3 votes
Lorna Doone- 4 votes
Sir Percy Blakeney- 4 votes
Astrid- 5 votes
Chauvelin- 6 votes
Susan Pevensie- 7 votes
Personally, I don't think my costume was the best one. I liked so many of the costumes.....
*cough* allofthem *cough*

Anywho, thanks to all who voted!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

And thus begins a new chapter in my textbooks...

That's right. School.

Ugh! You're back in school already?
Don't worry, I immensely enjoy learning and I am homeschooled.
Epic Win!!!

I thought this was funny!

One last thing. What is my favorite subject?
Yeah, I'm one of those history nerds...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Blogs To Peek At

Several people of my relations have blogs here on Blogger, and I am doing this post so that you may know who and what they are!

First up we have my sister, Beth Grace and her blogs:

Modestly Stylish

Next is my other sister, Kiri Liz.


silver key blog button



Yeah, she has a lot...

My sisters and I also have a blog that we do together!

Now for Kathryn, my CBC.

Third From the Throne

So there you have it! My relations on blogger!