Monday, April 30, 2012


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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


My Dad and Mom went to a Pastors/Wives Fellowship recently. It was a few hours away from where we live and occurred for most of the day. So my siblings and I went to our cousins' house to spend the night!

(Left to right) Bear, Uncle T, and Em snacking before supper on Sunday.

We had veggies and homemade pizza for supper!
My lovely sister, Beth making pizza.
Cherry, Samwise, Doofus, and Gherkin playing the Wii while waiting for supper.
Dad takes Cherry's place to play a game and Cap. Oblivious pops his head in for the picture!
Little KT Bugs
Cap. Oblivious
My beautiful Mother!
Kiri and Toria
Kiri, Samwise, Gherkin, and Doofus on Monday morning.
Yes, we did some school.
Samwise studying his math.
Cherry doing school.
Em sews and Kiri writes more on her book.
Toria, Cherry, and Aunt K play Dutch Blitz!
The boys like to have "battles" with their "muskets" :)
One of the new kittens!
Toria making gluten-free cookies!
I made Russian tea cakes... with AK watching on. ;)
Cherry holding Lucy.
The boys singing and "playing instruments"
Harry Bob, Samwise, Cherry, and KT Bugs dancing a version of  the Virginia reel.
Cherry, me, Samwise, and Em dancing yet another version of the Virginia reel!
Cap. Oblivious and I
Surprise! Another sleepover! :)
 It was a very fun time with cousins!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012

Praise the Lord! He is risen!
We had a swell Easter! My family spent the morning at church and the remainder of the day at my cousins' house.

(Left to right) My cousin, Captain Oblivious, me, and my brother, Doofus preparing for Easter dinner
Uncle M mashing the potatoes
Cousin Samwise, my older sister, Kiri, and me
Kiri and cousin Em

Cousin Bear and my little sister, KT Bugs

My charming brother, Doofus and cousin Gherkin

Me and my older sister, Beth
Setting the table

Cute Jocie

Toria (cousin)

After dinner we kids went outside to take pictures!
Beth (my oldest sister)
Em (cousin)
Kiri (older sister)

Me, Jessa
Cap. Oblivious (cousin)
Doofus (my only brother)
Gherkin (cousin)
Samwise (cousin)
Cherry (little sister)
Bear (cousin)
KT Bugs (my littlest sister)

Don't the boys look nice?

I have an odd brother...
and cousin!