Friday, July 20, 2012

Double Sleepover!

I know you are all probably tired of hearing about sleepovers from me. But please bear with me! I post about the things we do, and we happen to have many sleepovers in the summer. Now that you are bored to death with this post, I will stop writing and put up some pictures for your own enjoyment!

Em and Toria doing dishes.

Captain Oblivious... helping with dishes?
Never mind.

Later that night, my dad set off some firecrackers and such in our front yard.
Cherry, Doofus, and Samwise.

Cap. Oblivious and I.

KT Bugs, Em, me, Samwise, Harry Bob, Toria, Cherry, and Kiri.

Next morning...

Making breakfast! Eggs, bacon, fruit salad...

and pancakes!


KT Bugs

Here we are playing a computer game together.

All eleven of us were crowded into a little room!

Doofus showing us how tall he is.

Making sticky buns for the next morning!

Unfortunately, we did not take any more pictures after this! The events of the evening and the next morning included: reading the book of Amos aloud, 11 o'clock swim in the pool, homemade pizza at midnight, watching Cranford until... well, too late in the morning, and (after waking and eating breakfast) sitting around watching more Cranford. We had a splendid time with our cousins! It was such an enterprise!


  1. I love eating pizza at midnight!!! Haha!! :D

  2. I am envious, dear CBC! Can't wait till August!