Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Blog Name!

As you can see, this blog is no longer Life of A Michigan Homeschooler. My blog is now newly named...

 Drum roll, please!

Thank you. You can stop now.

Freckled Adventures!

What do you think? Feedback. I need feedback!!! :)

Oh, and make sure to grab one of my new buttons!

Freckled Adventures

Freckled Adventures

Freckled Adventures


  1. Ah! Now it's coming up on my dashboard!!

    I like it! (Did you read that in the right voice? ;) You is muchly more freckled than you are Michigan. ;D

    Oh, yes, and the buttons are marvelous. Now to decide which one to take off to my blog...

  2. Feel like posting again? I tagged you to celebrate the publication of Kathryn's book. Since you are in it, I'd thought you'd like to be included. Please visit. Or talk to me in person. Either works. ;)