Monday, September 16, 2013

School, school, school!

I began school a few weeks ago!

Homeschool, of course.

*more confetti*

 I really enjoy doing schoolwork, actually.

*shoot confetti EVERYWHERE!*

OK, I think we're good on the confetti! I'm not that excited about school.

I had to include this picture with the cupcake because, hello, it's a cupcake!

Anyhow, enough about cupcakes... on to more school-related topics. Do you want to know the list of subjects I'm taking? Well, you're going to get it whether you want to read it or not. I am taking Consumer Math, French, Grammar, American Government, Economics, British Literature, and a Bible course. There are some good subjects in there... although, government is not what I enjoy learning about.

Oh, yes. Did I mention that I am doing a tag! No? Well, I am doing a tag. :) Homeschoolers, please give me your attention! Here's the homeschool tag:
1. You must be currently enrolled in homeschool or a homeschool graduate.
2. Answer all the questions in a blog post of your own.
3. Comment here on my blog to let me know you have done a post.

Are you currently enrolled in homeschool or are you graduated? I am currently enrolled, but this is my last year. :(

What is (or was) your favorite school subject? I love history! Very interesting to learn world history (from the beginning to the present)- what happened and how it all happened.

Do (did) you usually finish school before lunch? Yes, I usually do. But when papers and essays rear their ugly heads... bother! 'Nuff said.

Do (did) you get a recess? Nope. No recess. But if one finishes before lunch, one does not have need of a recess! :)

Snow days? Sometimes. Although, my Mama usually wants a snow day while I do not. *sheepish grin*

What subject(s) do (did) you get the best grades in? History, Geography, and French.

Are (were) you one of those students who follows (followed) a schedule, gets (got) all your assignments done on time, and does (did) the optional activities? Or do (did) you not really care how and what gets (got) done? I love to follow a schedule, I get my assignments done on time, and I do the optional work. Let's face it. I'm a nerd.


  1. I'm very glad that you're excited about school, Jessa! Probably because I'm one of your teachers, right? ;)

    I realize that you probably already saw and read this, but I'm pasting a link to my tag answers. Besides, it's always exciting to get a comment.

  2. What a fun tag! I absolutely had to participate in it. Just posted it on my blog. Thanks for doing that! :D

    This is your last year of school? I hope you enjoy it. Being a senior is always exciting.

  3. Hey, I saw Kiri Liz did a homeschool tag on her blog, then seeing that is was open to anyone I did it! So here's my link


    p.s It said to comment on here to say if I did it.

  4. Hi Jessa Bri,
    I've done the tag on my blog,
    This was fun! Thanks! : )

    ~Emma Jane

  5. I did the tag on my blog. It's Thank you, what a fun idea!

  6. Very cool! I participated, and my post is here.

    Happy homeschooling!