Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Alert! Alert!


Calm down, everyone! It's going to be just fine. At least, it will be if you help me fix it.

Here's the problem:
For some very odd reason, the character costume poll on the side of my blog did not work. I cannot see that anyone voted on it at all. Bother! And I know that people did because on the first day it was up and running I could see the results, but now... nope.

So, everyone needs to vote again, please! So sorry for this inconvenience!

Go ahead and vote for one of these costumes, and we'll see if the poll works this time! :)

If it doesn't work for you, please comment and inform me! Thanks!


  1. Hey, Jessa... I voted, and I still can't see my vote. Just so you know...

  2. Oh, dash it all! Everything is higglety pigglety!!!

  3. When you've got a moment, Olaf requests your presence.