Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Entering: A Contest At Lianne Taimenlore

I have entered my first contest! Kiri Liz is hosting A Disney/Pixar Keep Calm Contest over at Lianne Taimenlore!
1. Please do NOT include any crude or inappropriate content in your posters.
2. Your poster must have something related to Disney/Pixar on it, either from a movie or a short.
3. Your poster must have the words "Keep Calm."
4. The limit, for practicality's sake, is three posters.
5. The deadline for poster entry is May 29th.

Here are my entries:


  1. Excellent posters, Jessa! "Keep Calm and Be Hysterical"... that's what you call ironic... :D

  2. I awarded you at my blog, ma cherie!! ♥ Come check it out?!

  3. "Keep calm and be hysterical!" That's good! I love all of them, but my favorite would definitely have to be the first! :)

    ~Beth Grace
    Authoress of "The Musings of Me, Myself, and I... And Other Such Fantastical Nonsense," "Modestly Stylish," and "KiriBeth"