Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Desserts Photography Contest

I'm hosting a Summer Desserts Photography Contest at my blog!

Here's how it will work. Hopefully, bloggers will submit entries and I will post them. I will then put a poll up on the side of my blog for my followers and fellow bloggers to vote on. Each day one person will be eliminated depending on the amount of votes each submission received on the poll.
1. The photograph must have its main focus on summer desserts/sweet treats.
2. The photograph must be taken by the blogger who submitted it.
3. You may only enter one picture.
4. Please notify me that you have entered the contest by commenting on my blog.
5. The submission deadline is June 30th.

Start snapping photos!


  1. My dearest frind, here is a little something to brighten up your day. I can't give this award to Kirsten or Bethany, so here you go.
    Thanks for making blogging time so enjoyable.

  2. Here's my summer dessert! Hope you enjoy it, Jessa!! :)