Saturday, November 2, 2013

MEC Day 2: Favorite Movie

And we're off with day two! Favorite movie... this should be good. :)

Oh, yeah. This should be really good!

 My favorite LOTR movie is The Two Towers. I really enjoy the battle at Helm's Deep, the last march of the Ents, how we follow the different characters around, and all things Rohan (the music is one of the best parts)!

My favorite LOTR movie? Yes, yes, yes, yes... and even though I haven't seen it yet, yes.

You just like them? Is there anything that you really, really like?

Uh, characters, settings, languages, maps, music, and other what-nots.

Oh, well, I guess we don't have to elaborate on anything else, do we? By the way, in order to write a true LOTR post, one must always listen to music from the movies! Concerning Hobbits and King of the Golden Hall are excellent choices! Just sayin'. :)

Forth Eorlingas is good, too!

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  1. Nice. You know, I can really see you two in that last picture. :D