Thursday, November 7, 2013

MEC Day 5: Best of the Fellowship/Day 6: Best of Thorin's Company

Day 5: Best of the Fellowship

I'd have to say the best of the Fellowship is Samwise Gamgee. 

He's loyal, brave, and loves to cook! A hobbit after my own heart. :)

Sam is also compassionate and... uh, caring.

Wouldn't that be the same thing?

Yes, it would. But that's not important right now. Don't interrupt!

'Nough about your favorite Fellowship member, my turn!

Fine. Go ahead!

Since I have to pick one, I will pick... 
(Dramatic Pause)
Duhn, duhn, DUHN!
 Peregrin Took!

He's has quite the sense of humor, like myself. I'm hilarious.
Not really.
Yes, I am quite funny!

You are?

  Yes, I am.


OK, my favorite member of the Fellowship is Legolas.

I really like the bow he carries, his shield/skateboard thing-a-ma-jiggy at Helms Deep, and that he can see very far.

And sometimes he makes funny comments. 

 So there we have the three who we think are the best of the Fellowship. :)

Day 6: Best of Thorin's Company
We all decided that our favorite of Thorin's company is Bofur. 

He has a caring side that we see come out here and there.

Bofur is really funny, too! :)
  Overall, Bofur is epic!

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  1. You guys are the best.

    And nuts. You're nuts, too.

    But still the best. *grins*